Sante De Angelis’ greeting, Anagni’ Boniface’Academy’s President PDF Stampa E-mail

The idea of founding Boniface Academy in Anagni, as a fulcrum of interest for spreading and cultural development, rises and nourishes in my mind since 1995, when I illustrated this project to master Tommaso Gismondi, lamented by the town for his sad disappearence. At the time, as I was his ceremonialist and a print employed and as I nourished a very deep respect toward the master, I purposed of asking him some advices about my cultural project, obtaining so successfully a deep incitation to continue with this purpose, with no hesitation or delay. The spur and the strenght transmitted by Gismondi, the famous master, have guided me for all of these years to the various attempts generally met during the achievement of the project, up to fight for its actual putting in action. Being obstructed again and again in the achievement of the same, he has fought so hardly in order that the project already suggested in different occasions to local institutions, may become an actuality rather suggestible for for our townsmen, eager for new spaces where they can compare one each other in cultural terms. Prompted by a large attention I may define rather “scrupulous” towards our territory, either local or national, showing variegated representative shapes of the culture in general, since at once I realized how culture’s improvement into the same necessarily must be characterized of a wide programme aiming at the convergence among several interactions of different cultural impulses and of famous characters capable to offer a direct witness of one’s own engagement in social field, by urging people on an active mobilization in the participation of cultural initiatives provided with the revalorization of important evalues for the entire modern civilization. Several years are passed and my interest for such project’s widely increased, passion for art and culture haven’t abandoned me in the incessant research of a support to achieve it. I consider it necessary to thank master Egidio Ambrosetti and diocesan bishop, Lorenzo Loppa, for the help they have lent in this enterprise. With reference to “Boniface VIII’s Award”, the decision which’s been engaged in dedicating inside the Academy a prestigious Award, connected with Anagni’Supreme Pontiff’s name, rises from the exigence of remembering him as the important author of the First Holy Year of Church’s history in 1303. The occasion to officialize the Award has been that one related to seven hundredth anniversary of the famous episode, considered as the historic “Anagni’s slap”. The activities embarked on the Academy almost aim to promote artistic and cultural value of our earth, by assuming a worthy importance to the only establishment of its own patronizing bodies: among the most representative it’s possible to remember the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, European Parliament, Ministers’Council’s Premiership, the Senate of the Republic, the Chamber of Deputies and Lazio’s Region. Boniface’s Academy has invented this Award as unique in its kind, as it takes into account Boniface forgiveness and the present period we’re living where, in some points of the world, peace still seems to be an utopia. For this reason with the followers members of the Academy we feel up to giving emphasis and value to a culture capable to turn ever to Peace. In virtue of these values, on the 10th of October, 2003, Boniface’Award, consisting of a bronze statue of Master E. Ambrosetti, was handed to Supreme Pontiff Giovanni Paolo II, author and herald of the peace in the world, as well as Anagni’s honorary citizen by 31th of August, 1986. Supreme Pontiff’s thanks and encouragement weren’t lacked and through Archbishop Sandri, the Substitute to the Secretariat of State, the Pontiff wrote:
“...on the occasion of XXV anniversary of Supreme Pontiff’s Election to Peter’s Residence, It,
also on behalf of this Cultural Association, gently has made him come bronze sculpture, representing Boniface VIII’s International Award, as a symbol of reverence and gratefulness for His Mastership. Supreme Pontiff thanks for the noble deed and for feelings have accompanied him and, while he wishes this Association will contribute with every useful initiative to the construction of a more right and brotherly world, by promoting some authentic human and christian values, he entrusts every man to Virgin Mary’s heavenly protection and he gives to Her and to the Members of the Society a special Apostolic Blessing, by extending it to Anagni’s Authority and citizens”. With great pleasure I can assert that criticism has so positively answered the event by showing it’s important the call of famous personages in the wide cultural and social outline. During the preparation of Prize’s first edition it occurred a run of very important appointments, directed to put in evidence the effectiveness of cultural content, suggested by the Academy. By the meeting with the Pontiff Giovanni Paolo II, to Giustiniani’s Palace with Senator Giulio Andreotti and Rita Levi Montalcini, a senator for life, in the centre of Noble Prize’s foundation. The demonstration took place on the 8th November, 2003, at Fiuggi’s Fountain’Theatre, and fashinating Paola Perego, ceremony’s patroness, professed honoured as she had been the first testimonial of a Prize, which had been consecrated to a Pape by a historic importance as Boniface VIII’s that one. The engagement that’s required by Academy doesn’t demand a remarkable efforce with reference to time and energies’employment, on the contrary research and public involvement’s work is rather fluent, but I don’t think it may exist some immobility in accomplishing it, as it may subsist in various exigences of cultural roots to deepen and to analyze. While the aim Academy intends to reach is what the Holy Father directly has auspicated to us directly, that to say that Association may contribute with every useful initiative to the construction of a more right and brotherly world, by encouraging authentic human and christian values, and that “Boniface Award” may become in the world the sign of a real peaceful culture and an unchangeable and prestiogious moment to promote our earth.